The Committee

The 2016 Local Organising Committee for the Western Isles Mod has been very active over the past three years and the members are happy to be on the home straight now!

Norman MacDonald, Convener of the LOC said, “On behalf of the Mòd nan Eilean Siar 2016 local committee, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to everyone who will be visiting the Western Isles for this year’s Royal National Mod.

The Royal National Mod is a significant event, bringing together speakers and supports of the language, not just from Scotland but from across the globe. It is a gathering to celebrate our music, our language, our culture and indeed our history, and a time to welcome old friends and an opportunity for the language to appeal to an even wider audience. This year marks 125 years since the event was founded, and it is a sign of the language’s strength and fortitude that despite many challenges it has prevailed.

I would like to thank all those who have supported us in the preparation of this Mod. It is hugely encouraging that it was never difficult to find people to help at this festival. A very special thanks must go to the members of Local Mod Committee, who have worked conscientiously over the last three years to the money needed to host the Mod which was indeed was no mean feat. It was a privilege for me to lead such a dedicated and committed team. I would like to thank the people of the Western isles who have shown such support, and it is a testament to people’s generosity that we have managed to achieve our financial target.

This Mod has something for everyone, old and young, Gael and non-Gael from competitions to ceilidhs to a diverse Mod Fringe, and I hope that you get to sample a little bit of everything on offer!


Cò Sinn? / Who Are We?

Luchd-Dreuchd / Office Bearers

Norman MacDonald

Neach-Gairm / Convener

Amy Macaulay

Iar Neach-Gairm / Vice Convener

Alex A MacDonald

Iar Neach-Gairm / Vice Convener

Doileag Macleod

Rùnaire / & Secretary

Donald MacDonald

Ionmhasair / Treasurer

Fo-Chomataidhean / Sub-Committees

Colin George Morrison

Foillseachadh / Publicity Convener

Alastair Lockett

Àiteachan-fuirich / Accommodation Convener

Iain MacArthur

Stiùbhardachd / Stewarding Convener

Calum Mackay

Stiùbhardachd / Stewarding Vice-chair

Murdo Johnson

Tallaichean / Halls Convener

Moira Maclean

Togail Ionmhais / Fund-raising Convener

Iain Macaulay

Fèisteas / Entertainments Convener

Tony Robson

Còmhdhail/ Transportation Convener


Ballrachd na CDI / LOC Members

Marina Mackay

Angela Mackinnon

John A MacIver

Alasdair MacLeòid

Peigi MacLennan

Calum Watt

Chriselle Bain